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Butyl Tape

ALENOR® AluButyl (ALU), (RAL) Multi-purpose (Universal use – Sealing, Insulation, Protect and Damping) Aluminium coated butyl- adhesive tape for the safe and permanent sealing of connection points, joints and seams. Tape provides instant adhesion that hardens off over time to provide a great watertight seal. WITHOUT BITUMEN, CAN BE USED INSIDE THE RESIDENTIAL ROOMS.


  • Perfect high adhesion (stickiness) to most materials;

  • Provide a great watertight seal; Resists UV exposure;

  • Long expiration date;

  • Environmentally friendly


  • Isolation of joints on flat and rolling roofs.

  • Fast repair and sealing of roof elements, roofs made of different materials and gutter systems.

  • Sealing of vehicle vans, boats, metal equipment.

  • Sealing of pipe elements, pipelines, etc.





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