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Reducing pipe noise is easy when you use our noise reduction pipe insulation engineered
to absorb & block sound. Consisting of 24 assorted pipe wraps in various sizes, this kit is
the all-in-one bundle recommended for insulating pipes throughout a house, loft or office.


Noise Blocking Insulation for Air Ducts, vents, Sewer Risers, Pipes
Pipes old & new can sometimes make a bit of noise. Eliminate noisy interference by
encasing your pipes with our aluminum-lined insulation wraps. Made out of rubber
foam, these pipe insulators effectively block noise coming from water lines & ducts.


Adhesive Thick Rubber Pipe Wrappings With High Tack Adhesion
No experience required. Ideal for DIY handymen, our noise blocker insulation wraps
feature adhesive backs which securely affix to metal pipes, plastic piping, air ducts,
vents & more. (kit also includes 20ft of noise reduce tape for more secure mounting)


Helps Aid in the Protection of Piping Against Damage & Corrosion
Made out of thick rubbery foam, our insulative pipe wrapper reduces noise but also
defends piping against the elements. Lined with aluminum, the noise reducer padding
acts as a reflective sealant to shield pipes & tubes against UV damage, rust & corrosion.


24 Pieces of Sound Block Pipe Insulation Per Pack
Reliably Resistant to Hot AND Cold Temperatures
Adheres to Metal Air Vents, Ductwork, Steel Pipes
Also Compatible with Plastic or PVC Sewer Pipes

Alenor Aluminum Pipe Noise Repair Tape Insulation Kit

    • PIPE NOISE WRAP INSULATION: Affordably achieve pipe noise reduction without