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ALENOR® AluButyl (ALU), (RAL) Multi-purpose (Universal use – Sealing, Insulation, Protect and Damping)

Aluminum coated butyl- adhesive tape for the safe and permanent sealing of connection points, joints, and seams. Tape provides instant adhesion that hardens off over time to provide a great watertight seal.


  •  FIXES LEAKS INSTANTLY: Quick sealing tape that durable bonds to virtually any surface quickly and easily. It has durable aluminum foil backing which helps reinforce the seals and is resistant to many solvents, and oils, which is helpful when installing seals. You can seal any rip, tear, or open seam on any surface with this aluminum tape.
  •  ULTIMATE WEATHER RESISTANT: Tested to work in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C. Aging resistant, anti-deformation, and anti-corrosion protection; It's an all-purpose weatherproofing tape that is UV stable, waterproof, heatproof, airtight, and bitumen free.
  •  WIDE USAGE: Being self-adhesive and flexible, this sealant butyl tape can be used to seal sharp-angled or irregular surfaces and is widely applied in sealing water seepage, home leaks, RVs, roof/window cracks, campers, awnings, gutters, HVAC, PVC & plumbing pipes, vehicles and more! Also compatible with plastic, metal, aluminum, rubber, wood, vinyl, glass, steel, acrylic surfaces.
  •  EASY TO APPLY, HARD TO BEAT: This waterproof sealant tape is perfect for sealing around leaks and other areas where water could get in and ruin something; the tape is easy to install just in seconds; Clean the damaged surface thoroughly with a cloth, peel off the protected film, and carefully press the tape against target area; Mistakes are easily rectified within the first few minutes of installation.

Alenor Aluminum Butyl Repair Tape 2" x 50 Feet