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ALENOR® BF REPAIR PATCH (Instant solution for waterproofing repairs) — The patch is the perfect solution for repairs that you cannot wrap. Repair damage. Repair holes and rips It is completely waterproof. Suitable for continuous water immersion spaces.


Quick & easy home repairs are made possible by our super strength waterproof Repair Patch. The best choice for DIY repairs, this self-sealing aluminum-coated butyl Repair Patch supports a malleable application but hardens over time to deliver a water-tight, leak-free seal. It's the #1 trusted water leak Repair Patch!

UV-Resistant + High Adhesion
Our indoor or outdoor sealing Repair Patch strongly adheres to steel, concrete & other types of materials. Use it to mend leaky roofs, exhaust pipes, air ducts, heating vents, rain gutters, hoses, joints, etc.

Marine Grade Performance
Completely waterproof, the Repair Patch can be used as waterproof roof sealant or butyl underwater Repair Patch for boat, kayak, canoe & paddleboard repair. Save time & money with DIY repairs using our Repair Patch.
Eco friendly & easy to use, butyl Repair Patch is a strong industrial grade sealant Repair Patch which provides a firm grip & watertight seal. It's the ultimate leak guard barrier blocker for sealing roof joints, trim