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EMERGENCY REPAIR TAPE: Butyl sealant tape is a tape that is made to ensure any gaps, cracks, seams or joints are airtight; It's made with butyl rubber, which is both flexible and durable. The adhesive part of the tape has excellent adhesive strength and sealing power, and stops leaks immediately just by applying it.


  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: This sealant butyl tape is extremely adhesive; not only is it waterproof, but it’s also highly resistant to corrosion, grease, oil, humidity, heat, and is capable of withstanding extremes temperature /volatile moisture conditions ranging between (40°C to +80°C). This extreme weather tape remains flexible in frozen temperatures.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Butyl rubber sealant tape is one of the most versatile types of sealant solutions, perfect for a variety of applications, such as RVs, door/window Sealing, roof cracks, house & building leaks, water seepage, campers, awnings, gutters, vehicles etc; A perfect repair tape for plastic, metal, wooden objects like boats, PVC & plumbing pipes, walls, seams, vents, HVAC systems, etc!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our butyl tape has a long service life and resists tensile deformation. It's convenient and easy to use, just tear off the peeled film, and then paste the butyl rubber sealing tape wherever needed. This sealant tape ensures a self-priming seal and long-lasting usage.

Alenor Butyl Rubber Aluminum Tape 8" inch W x 10 Feet

    • Perfect high adhesion (stickiness) to most materials;
    • Provide a great watertight seal;
    • Resists UV exposure;
    • Long expiration date;
    • Environmentally friendly.