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Wooden wall panels of the “Toning” line with pronounced wood texture and a wide variety of colour solutions adds a personal touch to your interior and highlights its uniqueness.

Birck Oak white

  • Dimensions: Wall panels of 160х440 mm consists of 8 planks (4 planks of 34х220 mm and 4 planks of 45х220 mm) of 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm thick.

    Width of joint: None.

    Basis: Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh ССА-145 4х4, EN 13496.

    Covering: Multilayer colourless oil wax.

    Surface: Smooth.

    Wood: The mosaic panels are manufactured from 100 % oak wood.

    Box: Each box contains 8 panels and covers 0,556 m2.

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